Selecting the right accelerometer cable

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2nd June 2020
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3rd July 2020

Selecting the right accelerometer cable

Industrial Cables for use with Accelerometers
Fig. 1

Fig.1 It is very important to select the right cable material whether selecting an integral cable or a mating connector and cable. The criteria for selection is governed by the environment they will encounter or have to be guarded against. These include; water or submersion in water, oil and cutting fluid, chemicals, heat, flame, mechanical abrasion and how flexible the cable is required to be. The table below gives a guide to the available cables and the selection criteria.


Fig.2 Different cables have different properties. Here is a simple guide to the main characteristic of some of the cables. Some properties are mutually exclusive of each other. Example high operating temperature and flexibility.


Fig.3 Summary of the main cable types available as integral cables on accelerometers.


Fig.4 The electrical outputs from the various different accelerometers also has an influence on the cable selection. Obviously a 2 core cable cannot be used on a accelerometer with temperature that requires 3 cores to function. Here is an easy guide to help you through the selection process.

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