Male or Female Mounting Stud?

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3rd July 2020
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19th August 2020

Male or Female Mounting Stud?

Hansford Sensors supply a range of mounting studs, to provide a secure point of connection.


Fig.1 Hansford Sensors top entry accelerometer can be converted from a –01 to a –02 by adding a HS-AS022 mounting stud. For absolute compatibility to a –02, thread locking fluid should also be used.


Fig.2 One problem may arise in that if a replacement senor is ordered using the –01 code then the replacement will not be supplied with a mounting stud.


Fig.3 Shows how flexible a –01 accelerometer can be just by adding all the different mounting threads. Over 28 different mounting studs are available from Hansford Sensors. 22 of these are for the 1/4-28UNF male thread alone.


Fig.4 Shows that side exit accelerometers are only available with male threads.


Fig.5 Shows that a –02 (or –06,-08 or -10) accelerometer can be converted to –01 by removing the mounting stud. This can be accomplished by using a bathroom hair dryer and a pair of pliers (tape over threads to avoid damaging the threads with the pliers).

View our range of mounting studs here.

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