Vibration Monitoring Installation Tools


As vibration monitoring is becoming more and more important in applications world wide, installing the components correctly is just as important as getting the right specification for your components.

Our vibration monitoring installation tool kit is designed to go hand in hand with our accelerometer and transmitter lines, and help you make sure that your setup is safe and secure.

For more information on vibration monitoring installation tools, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Carbide Tipped Spot Facing Installation Kit


boxcontentshiThe carbide tipped spot facing installation kit includes all the necessary tools needed to accurately mount a vibration sensor onto the rotating machine. The packaged kit includes; tapping drill, taps, tap wrench and a spot facing tool, all presented in a compact portable box. There are three versions of the kit available to allow for different mounting threads; ¼, M6 and M8.

Vibration sensors are fast becoming an integral part of the condition monitoring process and are relied upon to provide an accurate analysis of the machines health. The correct mounting of the sensor is vital to ensure reliable, true readings. The best possible method of mounting a sensor is via a drilled and tapped hole directly to the machine housing. However, this method often encounters problems when the housing is not flat. The spot facing installation kit allows the engineer to install the sensor on a flat surface ensuring best practice mounting technique.

The spot face tool is available to order separately (part numbers HS-AA031 for M6 and HS-AA001 for M8), please contact us for further details.


Carbide Tipped Spot Face Tool

Carbide Tipped Spot Face Tool for for 1/4″-28 UNF Tapping.